Lawn Food 22 lb

  • 100% Organic / 100% Vegan / No Odor; OMRI Listed for Certified Organic Use.
  • Excellent for All Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, Shrubs, and Houseplants.
  • Improves the Color Cell of Your Lawn. Helps Create a Lush Lawn and Maintains Lawn Color while also Staying Healthy for the Best Condition Possible.
  • Maximizes Microorganism Activity for Plant. Develops Bigger & Stronger Roots to Improve the Structure of the Plant. Increases its Ability to Hold Water and More Nutrients.
  • PRO ORGANICĀ® Improves Soil Conditions, and Helps Resist Disease, Insects, and Drought During the Growing Season.
  • Safe for All Plants. No-Burn Pledge. Safe for Children, Pets or the Environment.
  • PRO TIPS: A white fungus might appear when the microorganisms are activated with moisture. It’s an ideal part of the process that helps the plant to absorb all the essential nutrients, and it’s healthy food for your soil & plant.

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